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No time like the present

No time like the present to resume blogging. As I sit here, early, Houston being here. From the hotel window, I could see soccer players late last night under the lights at Memorial Park. I don’t believe in outdoor lighting aside from sporting events – and not for events like in giant dome buildings but for local neighborhood games. I’m not a fan of light pollution, I prefer natural ways. Soccer, or tennis, under lights I can appreciate. And I appreciate safety, which is why I don’t make more noise about all the lights being on at night. But I do prefer natural ways and I think the world would be best served if the order of light in day and darkness in night were shown more honor and it could be embraced, once again, in cycles of sleep and routines around this. Fire, though, I’m largely into that by candlelight or bonfire. Natural light, I’m into it.

So, I’m in Houston. It is dark outside. The time change has taken place – which I’m not necessarily a fan of, either. I’m sitting in the lobby of a Hampton Inn enjoying the emptiness of a large open space. A few others have been present at this odd hour of morning. I am rarely awake at 4 in the morning.

I like empty spaces, I like minimalism. My paintings are becoming more and more abstract. The abstracts are becoming more and more minimalistic, which tells me change may be in the air. It is interesting to see the art evolve. I am intertwined with it and yet I feel the best thing I can do is let it go through me without standing in its way.

It feels good to write, again. I’ve considered the concept that for the first time I have experienced writer’s block, this year. It’s for no shortage of things that have happened, this year. I can’t begin to tell you all the things this year that would have been amusing to write about. There have been lighthearted events and also some deeply personal things that have happened and I am sorting through those things. I have known sadness, this year, but I have also known great happiness. There is a happiness that lives in me despite the good or bad, it is separate from those things, and I am grateful for that to be a companion. It is in my own company I can both smile and rest.

Houston Fine Art Festival is this weekend at Discovery Green. I have been curious about both. My daughter accuses me of being a tourist. I admit I am a tourist everywhere I go. In this instance, I have lifelong been fascinated with cities and their structures. It is bliss to be surrounded in a downtown by the height and its ambiance. I am writing by iPhone. I will see about adding pictures. If you are in Houston, stop by today. I so enjoy the friendships I make as I travel. Because I meet thousands of people, I sometimes need reminders but, if you have a painting, it is often just a few minutes before everything comes back to me. Thank you to those who have befriended my family and been in support of my art. You are personally with me each step and a part of each new painting I create.













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