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I’m Taking a Sick Day

I am sick today and I’m taking a sick day. What better way to do that than sit at the computer and work on the ole blog or, in this case, the new blog. I’m reading tips on how to make a blog better. I found a link through a comic strip site. I’ll look for the link and share it here. First I found this:

Then, I found this:

I found the image of the woman collapsed at the shore to be otherworldly and intriguing.  I loved it from the beginning. I loved that the smaller woman at the shore had noticed her there. I loved the size and I love that the larger woman had her arm around a house. And that hospital bracelet is tell-tale, wonderful and bothersome.

My interest was there with this company and I wanted to know more, so I continued to follow links. Happy to see they had an opinion on blogging. They are definitely recommending Word Press, which I have already imagined I will transition to in time. I have reserved the domain name and am eager to use it, but things have just been busy lately. I will be building my own website. I will eventually figure out how to do this, or run into someone who can give me manageable steps. I look forward to it.

I am at the beginning and have a lot to learn. That is a great way to approach life, though – never assuming we are the experts, leaving room for humility. It has been a good week, I have accomplished much. I am also investing in my relationships, which is such a good and welcome and balancing thing. Next up is get rid of this cold. Thinking of making a point to gain a little down time over the weekend. Thanks for listening. I love writing, I hope that is apparent in the text.

Life of Pi has a quote that says something such as rest and sleep are the best nurses. I agree but I will also add the importance of love and nurturing, the tenderest of care that is entirely appealing. Who doesn’t want that when sick or any other time – I have a daughter that brings that to me, as I am finally resting in bed. May all be well.

With love,



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