And So is Life

Abstraction. I am intrigued by it. Sometimes I like pictures in my home that are representational, sometimes impressionistic, sometimes Photoshopped, sometimes abstract. I have found that, in my bedroom, I have grown to love abstraction. Often I keep blank walls in my bedroom since in the past the pictures of my walls have turned up too many times in my dreams. I would rather dream of other things, honestly. With the abstractions I have not found that so much and it has been a long time since artwork has appeared in my dreams.

With age we grow wiser and grow to know ourselves better. I have grown to know my preferences. I have grown to know myself. I like living with art that does not dominate a room, but that blends into a background. I like subtle, I like oceanic. I like white, I like seafoam. I like the purity of raw, rustic furniture. I like furnishings that could have been used hundreds of years ago, I like timelessness. I like simplicity.

Today I am looking around at the parts of my life that are in disorder and moving forward. Disorder can change. There are many reasons for disorder. Where we put our attention has a way of improving. My life is like an abstract – I can see many things there. There is peace, over all. There is some chaos. There is life. Life is not about perfection and that I have found in painting, too. Painting is not about perfection, not mine. I look at the process and at the result and I can ask . .. why is this one mark there? Would the painting be better without that one mark? And I can cover that one mark to test and the painting has lost some of its magic. All parts work together to create the whole. And so is life. Life is not about creating a perfect painting. Life is about creating balance and embracing humanity with love.

Love greatly,



2 thoughts on “And So is Life

  1. I really like this abstract. And your words too. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to like abstracts too — to me they’re more about what life is to me at this point. Really good post. Thank you.

    Posted by KatiesCameraBlog | November 8, 2011, 11:49 am
  2. Hi Camille! I totally agree with you about the abstractions. The essence of what they convey is at the heart of so much. Good realism does it too. IF they don’t go over the top with rendering ‘the object’ rather than what that object stirs up inside. Thank you for sharing so much.

    Posted by Stanka Kordic | November 8, 2011, 1:37 pm

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