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What was Once Familiar to You

Some would argue you end up at the right place at the right time. I am not going to argue but, if I were, I would say about the same except sometimes such bad stuff happens I cannot reconcile that anyone could be in the right place in, for example, a horrific moment. But that aside, I could see that the universe has a way of guiding and directing the paths of all within it.

Free-falling into something as if you had chosen it is a concept I was reading about, this summer. It is a surrender, much like childbirth. A successful way to ease the tension and physical pain of childbirth is to surrender to the feeling. Give in. Let it take the lead. Let it take you where it wants to go. There is no avoiding it. There is only learning. Take the path you are on. Notice the rocks in the road, don’t complain about them. Surrender, as if you had chosen a stony path. The path will change, many times. The path is as varied as the landscape across the globe. What was once familiar to you will return again.

The day follows the night; that I can see. What I can feel is the change in temperature, the change in tone. The change in knowledge. The change in people. We are a community, across this world. I would like to act like it. I would like to greet everyone around me with the dignity they deserve. All of us are free-falling, sometimes we’re more tense than at other times. Sometimes we fall with grace, sometimes we fall with fear. Releasing the fear places us at our greatest advantage. As Rilke has written, “Our fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasures.”

What you fear, then, go beyond it. What are you afraid of? I have fears. I’m not going to list them here, I hardly know you. I’m smiling. My point is, I can encourage you to face your fears. Please encourage me to face mine. I am not immune to this. We all need help. Let’s go forward in the direction of our dreams, through the forest of our fears, and come out at the beautiful pacificlike waters of our destination. Remembering that the destination is often the greatest journey. Then, we can climb aboard the sailboats and travel the waters, listening deep inside. Warm sunshine resting across all beneath it. Let’s build a community. Bring your life jacket, there are sure to be stormy seas out past where we cannot see.




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