The Blue Meridian ~ A Day at the Beach

Title by Mickey Williams

The Blue Meridian ~ Title by Mickey Williams

So much has happened, I hardly know where to start. So much for my simple life! Yet, it is surprisingly simple considering all that has happened in the last three years. I am sitting on my bed .. my bed with white blankets .. I like minimalism and peace. My studio is my bedroom and where most of the writing or art I create comes from. I paint from the floor on two waterproof tablecloths near the window. I can hear the traffic outside. I can sometimes hear birds. I have ringing in my ears, tinnitus, that makes almost any secondary sound welcome. But it is music I listen to most, when I paint.

When I write, I like quiet. I can hear myself better when I am in quiet. I still call it quiet. When I get to a certain place, I stop hearing the noises around and inside. Writing, for me, is a matter of keeping up with the words that flow naturally within my mind. It is effortless, at its best. At its best, though .. I don’t know .. maybe I challenge that. I do enjoy the flow of the communication I perceive but sometimes, occasionally, an inspired piece will take some struggle to get through.

I am tired today and have been recently since my feet slipped out from under me and I fell on my head a few weeks ago. Yes, I have a concussion. Yes, I am ok. Yes, I’ve had even more time to think about life and what I want and my gratitude for being in it. I am still aiming for simple. Simple is good. Complicated is not so bad, but simple is a day at the beach. Simple is resting when we need to. Simple is loving well those we love most.

After six months without internet, I am back and running again with internet in my home. I can write a blog now at a moment’s notice. That will be cool. I enjoyed my time away and have found great value in it. I may do it again, sometime. For now, I look forward to more consistent writing. I feel like I want to stay home. That balances some of the life I have where I spend weekends traveling to arts markets in Galveston, Houston and Shreveport.

Thank you to the new followers to my blog, to those who are liking, commenting, sharing my blog and my art. I appreciate you and I value you. It is cheerful to see the activity here. This blog has been built over about a year and a half. I am happy to be engaged with those who find meaning in what I write about.

Best day to you and well wishes. Watch your step!



One thought on “The Blue Meridian ~ A Day at the Beach

  1. Beutifully written C.S.
    I feel every word you write.
    Quiet is good.
    Home is good.

    Posted by teresawillcoxsa Willcox | April 29, 2013, 3:54 pm

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