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Anyone looking for some interesting reading could search my backlogs for The Art of Real Estate Math. I have been told that only I could make real estate math interesting. I’ll take that. I love a compliment with a good sense of humor.

Real estate math aside and embracing real estate, in general, I will share with you I am feeling some anxiety over an upcoming test on the national and state levels which WHEN passed will confirm my real estate license. I have been working toward this for the last several months. I have been working toward many things, which is part of why I have been working toward this for many months.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling some anxiety. The reputation for these tests is of people having to go back for more. More testing as in a second time around to pass. That sounds like a lot of life, actually. Maybe the first time through the real estate tests serves as a dress rehearsal for most – life needs more of that. I like the idea. So many times in my life I could have benefited from one fine dress rehearsal, possibly complete with flowers. But, if I remember correctly, the flowers come on opening night. No need for rules about that, here. I want flowers on both occasions: the dress rehearsal and the opening night.

So, I am preparing for dress rehearsal or possibly opening night. I won’t know until the tests are complete. I am studying and taking in a large quantity of information. Things that haven’t come always naturally for me but that have been challenging and mostly fun and, I believe, have helped this artist to become a more balanced individual. I believe in balance. I can wrap my mind around that. I am a good student. I have prepared all my life for this test. I think back to high school and how my education, there, is going to help me with this test.

So, I study. Studying is good. Balance is good. Being nurtured in other ways is good. And, yesterday, I found myself being drawn to an unusually healthy lunch of organic yogurt with raspberries and strawberries and just a hint of raspberry jam in the bottom of the beautiful mug in which it was all prepared. It was a beautiful lunch and called for a walk in the park, after. The walk in the park led me to the nearby tennis courts where I spied a backboard and could really let out some stress.

I played for about a half hour. I played alone. The park was mainly empty. I could laugh at myself. I could hit the tennis balls as hard as I wanted. I gathered them from over the fence when I needed to. Which was only about five times because I waited, each time, till all three were over before gathering them up, again. So, I was feeling good. I could feel the rush of physical endurance. My hair had doubled in size and I could no longer see around me. I’m still pretty good at hitting the ball, at this point, except for this one time. And I swung and so would have hit the ball hard, that is if I hadn’t missed it. Funny thing, I am sure I heard laughter from across the park though I was not able to see anyone. Good thing I can laugh at myself. Let’s hope I can laugh if I fail this real estate test and embrace it as a dress rehearsal.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, but everything we experience prepares us for what is ahead.

Go forward into your day, go forward into your life. Live life, love life.



One thought on “Live Life, Love Life

  1. Fun to Read. Best of luck on your test. I amsure you will do great!!!!!!

    Posted by Donna | December 8, 2011, 4:11 pm

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