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The Peninsula

This painting I sold at First Saturday Arts Market, January. This series has been selling most often the first time out to a market. Its detail is not readily apparent by photograph, its subtleties, its nuances and complexities.

One of my favourite elements to show people is how the light interacts with these paintings, the mirroring back and forth between the flat and glass like paints. By candlelight and by changing light in a room, depth becomes more pronounced and the paintings have an energy and a glow to them. I live with these paintings sometimes for only a week. I see them by morning window light when we have coffee together … I see them by evening lamplight and occasionally by flashlight when I am awake in the night.

After the light effect, I am also excited to share with people the meanings inside each painting. I have learned that layered in the guided experience of painting also is presented the ability for a painting to be communicative in its meaning. Paintings are in the visual arts but they also want to speak. This painting is “The Peninsula” and it is about going out onto  the peninsula to survey, to look around and assess what is working and not working in our lives. It also has an element of one of those View Master toys and if you look closely at the light blue of the top of the painting, it could be another shore, complete with black rocks in its shallow waters, its own shore with its own picture.

The scene is getting ready to flip; there is a new beginning. Thank God there is a new beginning. Following a time of introspection, change happens. Mixed with natural changes of life being in continual change, intention combined can bring changes grand essential. And so we enter a new earth; it looks to me to be lighter.

Take the winter, take it by the firestorm of introspection. Spend many hours at the wellspring of your soul and see that life can be better than you ever once imagined. Push not your feelings aside, imbibe them not. See.

Welcome to the New Year. I have grand ideas for a new one and I hope you will join me.















4 thoughts on “The Peninsula

  1. Hey, Camille, I came across your work through Christine Houser. I am the mortgage broker in California who helped guide her through her purchase last year. I want to purchase a print of bliss consciousness, 16X20, and thought you could recommend the best way. I saw the two options on your website, but wanted to do it in whatever way benefits you best.

    Also, kind of a funny thing. A friend gave me a book about a year ago; turns out that, without either of us knowing, I had a lot of personal connections to the author. I loved the book, for many reasons, and sent it out to a bunch of my friends. When I was doing that, instead of clicking on my friend Camice’s name, I accidentally clicked on yours, which was next to hers – so, I thought ‘divine grace’ and sent you a copy too, to your office. The book was The Surrender Experiment, hope you got it 🙂

    Have a great weekend,


    Posted by Richard Redmond | January 13, 2017, 3:46 pm
    • So that was you … thank you, Richard, for writing! And thank you for that interesting book that arrived at my office on the day I met with my Broker to make the long deliberated decision to place my real estate license on referral status. Interesting timing; I brought the book home and read it. Mentioned it on my Facebook when my Facebook was more public, hesitated to write about it here until I could know who sent it. Your message is welcome. I will consider the best way to have a print sent to you or if it best to send the file to a local printer. I will put my phone number back on my To Purchase Art page and you can text me regarding it. Thanks again for The Surrender Experiment .. was really cool of you to do that.

      Posted by csellington | January 13, 2017, 7:12 pm
  2. Your work is always a vision to behold! Great work Camille!

    Posted by Deborah Koenig | January 15, 2017, 2:09 pm

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