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This page will include many of my favourite images from events attended under the umbrella of art and occasional additional adventures. My heartfelt thank you to those who walk this path with me, often art patrons who have become friends visiting to check on things, sometimes spending hours helping set up or close an event. Your presence has engaged me on a significant level.

I also want to publicly thank my family for their support of this career choice. My mother and father, for their financial support and encouragement to continue going forward in what might be considered an unrealistic means of employment; they invested regardless. My youngest son for his every day involvement in a life that often includes paintings in every room including the kitchen. My oldest son and daughter for though from a distance, their presence still close.

There are those who have influenced greatly the content of my art; I hope you know who you are. I’ve searched for love and the best sentiment of it I’ve found is caring enough for another that their life and desires matter as much as your own. The tenacity to see a cared for relationship thrive is of utmost importance. My paintings can be considered a journal, of sorts, and you are interwoven within them.

The greatest influence in the quantity of art being created is caused by the people who are buying the art and bringing it home. And also that I am single and supporting my family. Honestly, without those two factors, I would not fully have had the incentive to put the emotion and experience of my life onto canvas in this quantity.

Thank you for the time invested, those involved in the way this has unfolded. This photo album is dedicated to you and most especially for you!

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