Artist Bio

Camille Ellington began exploring with paint in 2010 after a move to Texas from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe had been her home for four years and she enjoyed exploring the intriguing city, experiencing an abundance of art and meeting many artists. One painter, she asked to teach her daughter art lessons. Lynden St. Victor ( began painting in 2002, with no art training. He agreed to mentor Ellington’s daughter.

Ellington was very much affected by the lessons she brought her daughter to. She was taught to paint what you see, not just what’s there. She learned that painters use what is in their lives in the content of their art.

“It is a journey, a fantastic journey, the life of a painter,” Ellington has experienced. Her life has been filled with ocean experiences and her art reflects that. Images are often of saltwater and sailboats. Early years were spent on the island of Oahu. Living close to Galveston is a reconnection with salt air, saltwater and island community which she finds uniquely special.

“It is such a gift,” Ellington says of her opportunities to travel to the island of Galveston. She adds, “I am grateful to have made many friends in this community I have traveled to in a variety of seasons. I am often here on the Fourth of July, I have brought my kids trick-or-treating on the island. I have been here the week before Christmas, when the island was foggy and quiet.”

Ellington paints in acrylic, with much water and sometimes sand. Her painting is in an impressionistic style with techniques that feel more like carving. “It has been said that painting is half-way between sculpting and drawing,” she says. “It is a wonderful experience.”

“The purpose of my art is to bring healing, happiness and peace to those experiencing it,” Ellington pauses to say. “The world includes both good and bad, life can be overstimulating and lonely, at the same time. A connection with art and with color can bring healing and peace. When someone chooses to live with original art, something of the artist enters that space and, much like the author of a book, an artist can bring an influence and a hope that extends beyond time.”


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