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Hi, thanks for following the link to my To Purchase Art page! Read on for details about Gallerie Melanie in Fairhope, Alabama.

Painting is not only my full-time employment but also a life mission and purpose, a calling, a vocation.

At this time, I am concentrating once again on festivals and events. As galleries closed and made changes during the pandemic, I gave a lot of art away that I couldn’t drive to get. In time, I expect there will be representation again but for now the only way to purchase my art is directly through me, in person (which has always been my preference).

That said,  one of my longtime patrons has offered to keep a majority of my art temporarily at her home in Fairhope. I am calling it Gallerie Melanie. Paintings currently n Fairhope: Lucky 7, Diamonds in the Sky, Apex, Island Causeway, Source of Life (silver), Cascade, Silver Linings, Agency and a variety of smaller paintings.  Art I have with me in Texas: Sunday Citizen, The Awakening and Sky Velvet. The best way to reach me regarding purchase is by text or direct messaging on my new public Instagram.

These years stand on the shoulders of the ones that arrived before. Previous representation include the breathtaking Orchid Tree Park & Gallery and the solidly charismatic Urban Resort, beautiful Etrusca Gallery in Daytona and the endlessly kind storefront of Wishful Thinking. On Canyon Road in Santa Fe also was a beloved representation. With gratitude and a rush of great memories, I have known all along this is nowhere near a solo undertaking…  there has never been a minute I have been alone in this. Thank you to the team of loving friends, family and patrons who have caused this endeavor to succeed.



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