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Hello and thank you for taking the time to peruse my to purchase art page. The changes in 2020 have been significant. I feel I can add nothing new to its description. I hope you are well and finding new ways to thrive.

What I can offer is visual art. It is not only my employment but also a life mission and purpose, a calling, a vocation. I would be happy to help you bring a new experience of art into your home. While creativity has not  always taken the lead in the time of quarantine, it surfaces strongly from time to time. In this time of recalibrating and reflection, I have art available for sale. I will cover shipping fees in place of my usual event fees.

I have a Google Voice number created exclusively for my work:  505-490-6332. The best way to see current inventory is to call or text this phone number and I will visit with you about art and send pictures of paintings.

My preference has always been selling art in person. I may, in time, look into other methods to offer art online but for now a phone number still has the direct contact I prefer.

My art is also represented in three locations:

  1. Etrusca Gallery, Daytona, Florida. I met Eva while attending Images Art Festival in New Smyrna Beach. It has been on my mind to visit galleries post event activities and I found myself in Daytona in January per her invitation. I am delighted by her lovely gallery complete with a macrame hammock in the studio. Eva is as kind as kind can be. Several of my larger paintings and also prints are available in this location.

2. Wishful Thinking, McKinney, Texas – everything I think a store                      should be and the owner, Patty, could not be kinder or more lovely.                I’m grateful for representation here; she has my prints available and              also one large painting in 48 x 48 x 1.5 – the Source of Life series.

3. On Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico. When I was recently                        visiting Santa Fe, I walked Canyon Road like I used to in the four years            I lived there (Santa Fe still feels like home). In what used to be a                        gallery called Chalk Farm, there is now a consignment gallery which              represents about a half dozen artists with new work. Norberto @ On              Canyon Road has an elegance and kindness about him. You might see            by now I have always chosen representation through intuition and                  based importantly on personality fit. I like kindness!

It is time again for representation and these years stand on the shoulders of the ones that arrived before. Previous representation included the breathtaking Orchid Tree Park & Gallery and the solidly charismatic Urban Resort. With gratitude and a rush of great memories, let’s take a few more steps. I have known all along this is nowhere near a solo undertaking…  there has never been a minute I have been alone in this. Thank you to the team of loving friends, family and patrons who have caused this endeavor to succeed.



Wishful Thinking

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