To Purchase Art

Hello and thank you for taking the time to peruse my to purchase art page. The changes in 2020/21 have been significant. I hope you are well and finding new ways to thrive.

Painting is not only my employment but also a life mission and purpose, a calling, a vocation. My preference has always been selling art in person.

My art is also represented currently in one location:

On Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico. While visiting Santa Fe, I walked Canyon Road like I used to in the four years I lived there (Santa Fe still feels like home). In what used to be a gallery called Chalk Farm, there is now a consignment gallery which represents about a half dozen artists with new work. Norberto @ On Canyon Road has an elegance and kindness about him. I have always chosen representation through intuition and based importantly on personality fit. I like kindness!

These years stand on the shoulders of the ones that arrived before. Previous representation included the breathtaking Orchid Tree Park & Gallery and the solidly charismatic Urban Resort, beautiful Etrusca Gallery in Daytona and the endlessly kind storefront of Wishful Thinking. With gratitude and a rush of great memories, I have known all along this is nowhere near a solo undertaking…  there has never been a minute I have been alone in this. Thank you to the team of loving friends, family and patrons who have caused this endeavor to succeed.



Wishful Thinking

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