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I am starting Character of Texas Portrait Company. Something I have been working toward all my life. The first portrait I ever made, I was in Hawaii. A child, I set my doll on a wooden chair in natural light with vegetation in the background and took her picture. It is the same thing I am doing today. And my love for it has only grown.

Character of Texas is about portraits, character shots, artful images and photos that tell a story. Everyone has one. You can see it in all the faces, in eyes and even in a person’s hair. I look around me everywhere I go and I see people who are Character of Texas. It gives me hope for humanity, to look deeper into a person .. to remember we each have a tender life. One that will not always be here on this earth.

I will not always be here. Same for you. What are we choosing for our today? Who are we choosing to love and how? What are we choosing to give? What are we choosing to keep? I have sometimes photographed flowers and described them as passing so quickly, capturing a moment. Most flowers last just a short time. Our lives are a parallel on a timescale I cannot measure. What I do know, life is fragile. Time does not promote permanence. Time brings change. I find it healthy to stop life for certain moments.

Find a moment in your life, today, and just stop. See. Feel. Breathe. Love. Know this moment will never be recreated.

May you be blessed in this day,



One thought on “Character of Texas Portrait Company

  1. beautifully written c.s.

    Posted by teresa willcox | November 14, 2011, 9:06 am

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