Some Pass Very Quickly

Thank you. Thank you for being here. You make a difference in my life. By being here, by listening . .. commenting, liking, seeing. It is morning and I am awake early. The fall back from daylight savings has it pleasantly light in the mornings and it has been many years since I have enjoyed it as much as this. The world outside seems so quiet and still, for a while. The light is not fully up over the horizon and sunrise is quickly on its way and quickly to pass, but nonetheless important.

There are moments in life that are quick to pass. What do we do with those. It is human to want the wonderful ones to last longer, maybe forever and exclusively. We hold on to them well. We savor them in memory. Now, the bad ones they can pass quickly and no sleep is lost. But the good ones, why do they have to pass so fast. Why does the beautiful sunrise come and go so quickly?

I surely don’t have the answers for everything. This blog is about art and the art of life – my musings about things that are important to me or stories I want to share. But I do have 4 decades behind me and more insight than I used to to analyze the world. And I’m having fun with it.

Thanks for being here. Take in the fast moments of your life and be fully present, for some pass very quickly. It is by being most present and conscious that we can take them in and participate in such a way that their presence is less fleeting. Breathe. Love, live light and life. Slowing down, I have found, makes precious moments in the world last longer. That I know, that I believe.

I believe there are parts of this day that will be absolutely beautiful. Find them.



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