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Have I mentioned I dislike the cold?

the art of c.s.ellington: Dallas, Texas

the art of c.s.ellington:
Dallas, Texas

I saw Brandon Belt at Lowe’s recently. He is the only professional baseball player I know, aside from Derek Jeter. They are the only baseball players I would recognise, anyway. Derek Jeter, because he was on Saturday Night Live a long time ago when I watched tv and because he reminds me of someone I dated in high school. Brandon Belt, because occasionally I see him around town in the town where I live in Texas.

San Francisco is my favourite baseball team. San Francisco is one of my favourite cities. It is city that fills the senses. The streets, the ups and downs, the sunshine, the water. It is a city that fills the senses.

In Texas, the weather is turning colder now and I dislike that. I am known for not complaining but one thing I may occasionally complain about is cold weather. I have a new hat on, from Galveston, and I may only take it off to shower. I dislike being cold and, aside from a few moments here and there, I dislike winter because of the cold. In Wisconsin, I once said I would give up three months of my life to be done with the rest of winter. Winter lasted a lot longer than three months in northern Wisconsin.

It’s cold and I have been out to breakfast with my young child, this morning. That is something I like to do, to be out when it is cold. The breezes are uncomfortable to endure but once inside a place there is a commonality the people share. We are enduring something to be there. The warmth of inside feels especially good, the scents are heightened. The air is different, more pronounced.

It is cold and damp in east Texas and I miss the summer and it is only November. I had a fitness club call and offer me a two-week membership. They have an outdoor pool and I just want to swim. It would be the only reason I would join. The pool is heated but, nonetheless, have I mentioned I dislike the cold?

I am going to paint, next. It is the way I am making a difference in the world. I am beginning to write letters to my art patrons and am enjoying the contact. Someone I met, in Galveston, recently sent pictures of my art hanging in her home in Dallas. I like this! I like seeing the effect of what I do. I like that people are choosing to live with my art. In ten years, I may join the Peace Corps, seriously. But, for now, I intentionally brighten people’s spaces with color.

Art is important in life and living with original art is different from living with a print. Part of the reason I keep my originals affordable is so people who may have never lived with originals before can experience this. It also means my inventory turns over rather quickly and I get to paint another and that is fun. If you have pictures of my art in your home, please send images through my web site (

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and, until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

::: Irish Blessing :::



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