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FiNd WhAt YoU lOvE

There is nothing better, not right now, not for me, than positive thinking. I am fascinated with it. Different than arranging my thoughts to recreate a better present. Just focusing differently on what life has to offer. Not rehashing the same old stuff. Bringing to mind the pleasant, the powerful, the lovely.

That’s what I am thinking about, today. Let it be. I am focusing on the positive. All those things in the past that had to be worked through, they have had their time! How long am I supposed to linger on them? Life is short. The time to think about such things is running out .. in my life and in yours. Move forward. Move forward with me.

We will go together, into the future that belongs to all of us. As God, a Creator, or the Universe cares greatly for the quality and future of our lives I am insistent on living each moment in the present. I am working hard to bring balance to a few key areas of my life. That is good, my attention is there. I’m focusing on the positive. Thinking about what I want, not what I don’t want. What do you want?

I want the simple things. I want a healthy dinner on the table each night. I want reading in my home, reading aloud and laughter. I want visitors, I want friends, the kind to have relationships with. I want a measure of financial stability .. which honestly scares me some as I am building a career at midlife. I am trusting, trying to trust, and believing things into being. We are all here, with the ability to provide for ourselves. Only trouble I have, sometimes, is finding which way is up. And, like anything else, it all takes practice. Painting takes practice.

I have been practicing for two years. In that time, I feel I am finally finding my specific personal style. I painted with peace and ease, last night. More sure of how to apply and carve the painting on the canvas. I am excited about it. I want to be a painter, I am a painter. If you want to be a painter, go for it, it’s cool. Find what you want. Find what you love. Adding it to your life will bring an added measure of well-being.

Be well. Be love. Be happy. I challenge you.



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