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You are Extraordinary and of Great Value

I’m thinking about writing a novel, I have some things to say, some experiences to share. I’ve started one, actually, we’ll see if this gets put together. I want to write more consistently with my blog, again. I miss that. I miss interacting with my readers. Life got too busy, for a while, and I started to believe that if I worked harder I could get more done. That’s really an abstract thinking.

I’ve spent two evenings in the bathtub. What a change in perspective that can bring. Both times, the water cooled and I refilled it again with hot water. Tonight, I rested by candlelight. I was in there a long time, till the smoke alarm in my bedroom screeched terribly and I came running from the bathroom with my Anthropologie towel half wrapped around me. I do not know what caused the alarm to siren. But my daughter eventually suggested that there is a button on the alarm that could silence it.

Yes, I could see the button. Me, in my towel. I got a chair from the living room and then stumbled back to the bedroom to grab a long paint brush from the top of my art cabinet. Then, with all that, I was tall enough to reach the button. And it silenced. Silence is golden.

Looking out from the third floor window, it was dark. I could see two people gathered outside with arms crossed, waiting like the good citizens they are. I am still perplexed by the noise. It occurred to me it could have been a chain reaction that caused the smoke alarm to sound. Surely not my candle, it was in the bathroom. If you happen to know why my smoke alarm went off, will you tell me?

It feels great to slow down. It feels good to spend time with myself. It will make me better. I am working smarter not harder, because harder couldn’t be sustained. Life includes family, career, leisure, humanitarianism and physical world – I know these things but this is what my book on happiness is teaching me, also. It’s so sensible, this book written by Ian K. Smith, M.D: happy.. Simple Steps to get the Most Out of Life. I finished this book, today. I recommend it.

Highlights of the weekend:  painting the inside of a house with my daughter, Kira .. my accidentally spilling the contents of a paint tray onto a couch and knowing it would be okay, face painting at a local Halloween event called Zoo Boo. The Ellen Trout Zoo was lit by torches, it was cool. The highlight of that event was seeing my youngest child, Clive, and painting a dragon onto his face. It was a great weekend! I heard Max Reynolds of Social Bliss playing the purple song, was hired as a photographer for the most wonderfully over the top birthday party I could even imagine .. life is good. Let’s keep it that way.

Life goes up and life goes down. But nearly each day is good just because it exists. And times of struggle heighten our awareness of what a pleasure even an ordinary day is. For even the ordinary days, we may look back upon and see they were extraordinary. Keep in mind that YOU are extraordinary.

You are extraordinary and of great value,



One thought on “You are Extraordinary and of Great Value

  1. I totally agree that more hours spent working doesn’t necessarily mean greater productivity. I think of it like going on a one-food diet…in the long term it can’t be healthy!

    Posted by WildC | October 30, 2012, 3:44 am

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