Bring Light to the World

All we can do is allow this Spring inside us to well up and flow through us. Go to this holy place within you. It is the only place big enough to allow you to encounter, hold, and bear the darkness that is a part of every life….

This is how I have chosen to start my day. My thoughts were already on this, I was reaching for the words. I was asking the question, where do you go? I found the words on the facebook page of Live Laugh Love, written by Brian who lives in beautiful San Diego. Take a look over that way, his thoughts are insightful, a wellspring of purity. His fan page has grown by 10,000 since I have first found it. Posts of gratitude are often posted on his wall from the people he is writing to. He is a daily help for many struggling in a difficult time and trying to keep focused on positive and lasting thoughts.

So, where do you go? There is a Spring inside that will well up and flow through us. When this is achieved, we have found the art of radiance. This is the art you are meant to bring to the world. The best we can bring is the best version of ourselves. We become our most loving and conscientious person in this form. We radiate to those around us and bring light to the world. This world needs light.

With love,



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