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Love Me if You Want To

I feel like a relationship can survive many things, but not emotional disconnect. For what is greater in our relationships but connection. Emotional, heartfelt, soul connection. When that is gone, can it be replaced? Can it be reinvented? Can it be rescued. Is it a subtle passing? Is it a normal feeling that comes and goes, then passes?

From where do our feelings of connection spring? Is it in the actions of others where this is found? I do not know. I do not have the answers, but inside I FEEL emotional connection does not spring entirely from the actions around us. I am sensitive to my environment. I can see that I am sensitive to the interactions I have with those I love. Where does emotional connection come from?

Emotional connection springs from love, but can be instant in certain circumstances. Soul connection is powerful. We cannot explain it. I am not satisfied with the explanations I have heard of it. It is mysterious, it is love, companionship. Reading the book, The Four Agreements, I learned what I had thought all along and that is the things people say and do have more to do with who they are than anything we have said or done.

That said, maybe what is outside of us is outside of us. What I feel and think and who I choose to be have everything to do with who I am. Same for another. What one experiences outside of me is outside of me and very little I can say or do can influence what will be. It is in the choice of another to feel disconnection. It is in my choice to feel it myself. Where we place our thoughts is pivotal. What we want determines what we think. Being honest with ourselves is key.

I encourage you, on this day, to be honest with yourself. Do not shape your thoughts to keep your life happy. There is not true happiness in that. Listen to your life, listen to yourself. Accept the light and the dark, accept the ones you love in every aspect. Let life be.

Surrender, that is where I am. I surrender to the path before me. Where I am going I do not always know. I cannot control the actions or the direction of others, nor would I want to. What I seek is freedom. Freedom to be who I am. I am available to love and be loved. We cannot make someone love us, we can only be the kind of people who can be loved. That is where I am. Love me if you want to.

Love is the greatest,



One thought on “Love Me if You Want To

  1. my sweet friend, I love you!!

    Posted by Caroline | November 4, 2012, 8:55 am

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