Evolution of Life

Early to bed and early to rise, that’s what my grandfather taught me. One of them. I have two grandfathers that taught me much about life. One was a brewmaster, one was a carpenter. It’s the brewmaster that taught me early to bed and early to rise. His name is Emile and, when he visited he always made a fuss about going to bed at 8:00 – a fuss. What a character he was, like out of a movie or somehow better. We all have people in our lives that seem larger than life. He is included in mine.

I remember he wore a nightshirt and looked a little like Clark Gable. He lived many places, including St. Paul, Minnesota, Washington State and North Hollywood. He retired in Florida and taught me not to throw marshmallows to the alligators. I learned many things from him. He has passed through to the other side, now, but it is as if he is still with me. He is one of the people who became a part of me.

He taught me early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. He had many things to say, many things like that – most funnier. I will ask my mom for a list of those things. One I remember is: Wise too late, old too soon. He called my friends by made up names like Priscilla or Clarabelle. He and my grandmother, Lola, called my dog Trixie which was not her name at all. He name was Princess. I was captivated by the love of life my grandparents had and they taught me to walk in their steps.

Some of my life I have gone to bed early. I find the older I get, the wiser I get. My grandfather would agree with that. I think he would also agree that life is an evolution. There is a process of change and to embrace that is to be most at ease. To reach acceptance of that is best. Some years I have stayed awake late, some I have slept early. I’m enjoying mornings more than ever. It is the evolution of life that is your art. Create that, embrace it. No need to stay the same.

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