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Don’t be a Lonely Painter

Ten page views today, that’s good. So, maybe, I’m not just talking to myself – not that there’s anything wrong with that, lol. Oh, my day. What am I thinking about today. My neck hurts. I’m a little tired, but  nothing a cup of coffee won’t cure.

I’ve been sitting, lately, at the local coffee shops. Sitting and catching up on projects. Sitting and listening to music with my daughter, Sarah. It is good to be out and around people. That is good for most artists. There are lyrics from Joni Mitchell, “I am a lonely painter. ..” The art studio can be lonely, the act of creating is often in solitude. These days, many of my artist friends have a computer with facebook that appears to bring a camaraderie to the process an artist experiences. It seems to be less of a lonely experience.

I am grateful for my artist friends on facebook. There is a companionship and not just an empty studio. I share my work and receive feedback. I am encouraged by comments and inspired by the creativity of others when they post their work. Many friendships have developed in this format and it has become significant in my life.

So, the art studio is an open studio now. Not closed to the outside world, but interactive. Refreshingly so. I can’t imagine it another way. It must have been lonely before. But I have digressed, I was talking about coffee shops and music and catching up on projects. It is important for us to be out and among other people. An artist date, of sorts, being out of the studio.

And, it comes to pass that on a Friday or Saturday night – or, both recently. The coffee shops sound like a great idea; especially the ones with music. Take yourself out, go with your child or friend, share yourself with the community of others. The world needs more artists. Be that light of artistic radiance for all the world. Don’t be a lonely painter.



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