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Enter a Calm Space and Continue On

The Islander Magazine

I wrote my column this evening, for The Lufkin News, for the first time in about six weeks. It is good to get a new start there. Since falling on my head, it has taken some time to get up and running, again. Not that I am running. But I am up. I am more myself than I have been in some time. Concussion affects consciousness.

It was endurance that lagged behind, insisting that I rest. I listened. I tried to rest despite my responsibilities. I am stepping up a new level of self-care. I am thinking healthier, eating healthier, resting more. I work unusual hours, which I like. I am intent on making it as a freelancer. Writing, painting, selling real estate. In the next year, I anticipate the finances will settle down .. which I look forward to.

My mom and dad helped my art greatly today by paying my Red River Revel booth fees, which I so appreciate. I appreciate my mom and dad, who have helped me to get started in business and appreciate, too, the people who have purchased my art. My family, friends and art patrons have provided emotional support and companionship, as well. It all helps me to continue creating.

I keep doing the next thing. What I have going, right now, is the cover of The Islander Magazine of Galveston ( I submitted my art to the owner many months ago and now I can hold a copy in my hands. The magazine has used my painting Underwater Dive, titled by Sherrie Beddoe Bryant. I’m beginning to do arts markets in Houston: First Saturday Arts Market and Montrose Arts Market (the last Sunday of each month). I’m painting a lot more, keeping up with the gallery (Affaire d’art, Galveston) changeouts and keeping art at Standpipe Coffee House even when I travel. It used to be that I would take all my art down when I would go to a market, now I have a little more art.

I am grateful that my art sells. It is such a blessing to me to have this gift. I truly enjoy the process of painting and of meeting people at the markets and ArtWalks. This Sunday is Montrose. There is an artist party at Affaire d’art on Saturday but I do not know that I will be there. June 1st I should be, by the latest. Anyone who has supported my art and is reading this, thank you!! Whether is was emotional, companion-related, financial, it is all encouraging.

I am taking care of myself better so I can be better and create better art. My art comes from a peaceful place. I want it to help bring peace to the world, peace to the lives of those who live with it. And in bringing added peace, may it help you to enter a calm space and continue on.

Love life,



2 thoughts on “Enter a Calm Space and Continue On

  1. Art defintiely brings peace and we ALWAYS need more artist out there who can share their love. Definitely keep creating. Don’t stop.. we need art 🙂

    Posted by Purely.. Kay | May 29, 2013, 2:43 pm
  2. thank you, Purely.. Kay, for your encouragement to me and for your care and support of the arts.
    I appreciate much your comment, today! c.s.

    Posted by csellington | May 29, 2013, 3:05 pm

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