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The Paintings will Come when They are Ready

I’m feeling remarkably better, today. Thank you for thinking of me. What do I want to share with you today? Hmmm. Let me pause my mind and think of something to focus the writing around. Maybe I focus it around focus. Focus is an an important part of life. Multitasking is important, but I would say not as important as focus.

I have read that artists have an unusual ability to focus. To concentrate heavily on the subject at hand. I would think this has something to do with the right and left brain conversion. I can feel it, sometimes, though I definitely have an awareness of what is going on around me. It is the ability to be in one place.

There is value in being in one place, being fully present in the present. Now, a present can involve a mind wandering to a distant or past memory. This still falls in the realm of focus and being fully involved in that memory. I value being fully present wherever I am, whether that is in a current experience, a memory or a vision of artistic thought.

At times, my paintings come to me in an artistic vision. Most often, they are a series of steps I listen for as I am painting.  I hear one, two or three at a time. No more, no less. And I try to only paint when I have that going for me. If not, I find myself fully drawn to embrace the life I am living. To be in another moment. The paintings will come when they are ready.

Where our thoughts are, where our focus is, is ultimately where we are. Where are you? I hope it is someplace wonderful. And I hope that even if it is not, you can freefall into it with the hope that change and an upswing in life is right around the corner.

Much love,



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