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You are Essential

http:///it/swf/f.swf Time is of the essence. Essence is essential. I want to know, specifically, what essence means. I’m going to look it up – be right back. .. . Well, it means a variety of things. Merriam-Webster first defines it as: the permanent as contrasted with the accidental element of being. In regard to you, … Continue reading

Save the Bees

I have a bee in my room, I am excited to tell you. It is buzzing around. I thought it was a fly, at first. How this bee got in my room I do not know but it is the third one I have seen this week. They are not native to the indoors of my house and appear … Continue reading

The Paintings will Come when They are Ready

I’m feeling remarkably better, today. Thank you for thinking of me. What do I want to share with you today? Hmmm. Let me pause my mind and think of something to focus the writing around. Maybe I focus it around focus. Focus is an an important part of life. Multitasking is important, but I would … Continue reading

Beach House Flowers

Beach House Flowers, that’s the mood I’m in. Minimalism. Simplicity. I was out at some tennis courts, last night, underneath the lights. I didn’t even have a racquet with me, just stepped out of the car to go walk around. The expanse and the simplicity gave way to feelings of serenity. I love open spaces, … Continue reading

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