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Character of Texas Portrait Company is Now on Facebook

Hello, and welcome! I am happy to say that Character of Texas Portrait Company is finally on Facebook. Finally, interesting word. Conveys that what is being written of should have happened sometime before. But, is that appropriate? Is that then the right word? Everything happens in its own time. Human suffering, … finally.. I would say finally to the end of that!! Normal every day details of our lives, ambitions we wish to keep, those things happen in the time they meant to be. They happen when we are most ready. I am ready for Character of Texas Portrait Company on Facebook. I am ready to share portraiture and the way I see the lives in front of me, the way I co-create a flash of moment.

Spring is here! I see flowering trees in Texas. I am watching the shifting of the light and welcoming the difference in air. I stood below a willow tree, yesterday, walking through the graceful draping branches like I was within another world. There was a moment I was far away in that world. But isn’t it cool, the world that was created for us to live in? Julia Cameron has described God as an artist. God created in abundance, creating all kinds of things He would not have had to. Wild animals, in their behavior and appearance. Flowers, plants and trees of surprising simplicity and bountiful detail. I love the world, I love the waters, I love the sky. I am in the mood to see new portraits that integrate some of this natural beauty. I am in the mood to guide others in walking into a hybrid, otherworldly place that the use of photography can help create.

You are invited to visit the Character of Texas Portrait Company Facebook page. It is my intent to provide value to people not just in the state of Texas, but other places, too. I am building. I am learning. If you have ideas for what you would like to see, please contact me by email or the Facebook page. My only request is not sending outside of USA texts to the phone number. Until further notice, funds supporting the life of Character of Texas are limited. Step forward with me, let’s co-create and live a life in greater community.

Best wishes for a very happy Monday!



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    Posted by Sticky Artist | March 19, 2012, 8:34 pm

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