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The Earth Beneath Our Feet

The art of life. The thing about life is that life happens. Sometimes, it gets busy. My goal is to keep it not so. I have no interest in proceeding through the rest of my life in a hurried fashion. I have tried that and found it does not work for me in the leastest. I am more interested in simple and slow. I am interested in basic. I am interested in foundations. I am interested in life.

And what I have found about life is that the more simple I get the more wonderful life becomes. There is an ambition in people and ambition is not a bad thing; it depends if it is kept in balance. We are created with ambition to serve a purpose. In over ambition, it appears to me, much of the joy in living gets depleted. There is always another something to be attained. There is always another ambition to be accomplished. The one simply replaces the other. And that is not simple, at all.

Simple is breathing. Simple is warm water. Noticing a butterfly, the scent of a flower. Simple is living with eyes wide open, the way we were meant to live, with our senses in full power. When we slow down, we can live more simply. When we slow down, we can see that the material possessions we are striving to obtain have a replaceability about them that causes the current collection to be continuously outdated.

And there, in that moment, we can decide what we are living for. Are we living for the constant influx of material possessions, which will pass? Or, are we living for life? Living for wholeness? Loving with love, compassion, understanding? Are we aware of our neighbors? Are we aware of our God?

Regardless of what we are aware of, we are here on this planet. We are here in the now, we are here in the light of day and in the dark. The sun shines upon us. May it shine slowly and fully. The moon shines upon us, too. We need both, we need balance. May we all live slowly enough to notice the sun and the moon and to feel the earth beneath our feet.

I hope your January was beautiful.



3 thoughts on “The Earth Beneath Our Feet

  1. Beautiful photo. The tiny feet are adorable 🙂
    And nice post… I especially love your line “And what I have found about life is that the more simple I get the more wonderful life becomes. ” .I couldn’t agree more 😀

    Posted by studiojan | January 30, 2012, 11:41 pm
  2. Well said. My January was exhausting, busy, full, beautiful. I have long lived well within my means, live well (but frugally) and can have, within reason, anything I need. I do not have everything I want, but the things worth having cannot be purchased. Time is, I believe our most essential commodity, it is everything; except for family (and do not differentiate true friends from family), what else do we have; it is everything! But what do we do with our time?

    Posted by Bill Reynolds | January 31, 2012, 1:53 am
    • Premature post… 😉

      What I have learned from my friends is the importance of friendship, community, and in the attempt at least, of building an ever growing circle of family. There is something we have lost in modern society; our better tribal nature, a sense that none of us do well unless all of us are well.
      January was a beautiful, for me, for being fortunate enough to be able to have enriched the lives of others (friends and strangers alike) in some small ways. It cost me nothing to do it but time, time well spent, and I am richer for it.

      Thank you C.S. Ellington for your gift of words, for your beautiful post.

      Posted by Bill Reynolds | January 31, 2012, 2:15 am

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