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I will catch my breath and you will catch yours, too

Except for paying my monthly bills, money means nothing to me. If I did not have kids, I would live in my car and catch my breath for a while. I am not making light of this. I know living in a car is a big deal and some people don’t have a choice but … Continue reading

The Earth Beneath Our Feet

The art of life. The thing about life is that life happens. Sometimes, it gets busy. My goal is to keep it not so. I have no interest in proceeding through the rest of my life in a hurried fashion. I have tried that and found it does not work for me in the leastest. … Continue reading

My Day that Spells Love

This is an underpainting. It is just the beginning. I am at the beginning, all the time. Starting fresh each day. Relearning some of the things I have learned before. Refocusing on thoughts I like to keep at the front of my mind. What we are mindful of guides who we are becoming. What are … Continue reading

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