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Save the Bees

I have a bee in my room, I am excited to tell you. It is buzzing around. I thought it was a fly, at first. How this bee got in my room I do not know but it is the third one I have seen this week. They are not native to the indoors of my house and appear to be quite unhappy here. Now, the bee is on the curtains. Climbing the curtains, searching frantically for a way to get out. Eeek, it is right near me. I like bees but not this close.

I’m opening the window for the bee. It can fly right out and it will find its way, in time. It is close. It has a sense of direction and inherently knows where the flower gardens are and the work it is to do in life. It buzzed outside and back inside. Maybe it’s not so bad in here, after all. Ok, little bee – out you go. And I pushed it out the window with a 4 x 6 notecard. And now it came back to me. Maybe there is something I don’t know about this bee. Ok, bee, you’re out. One more time. Window closed.

Maybe it is the same bee coming back to me, again and again. I believe it is a different one, though. Even bees get a little lost, sometimes. Even bees need help with their direction. Yes, last bee I found dead on the floor under my desk. This can’t be the same bee.

I hope you have a great day. Save the bees in your life. Help someone around you find their direction.



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