A Calm that is the Storm

Help for the hopeless, how often have I thought of that. We have all felt hopeless, at times. It is part of our humanity. I am here to tell you that hopelessness does not last. It is temporary. Hope will come for you.

I like the thought that faith is not blind. There is trust in faith, but it is not a blind one. If we are careful to look back upon our lives, we see the provision sometimes easier in hindsight. Looking over this, we can rest in the trust we will be provided for once again. There have been times in my life, I could not see the provision in the storm. There have been times where it took years to see. If this is one of those times in your life, hold on to the hope and hold on to the faith that life will return to you once again.

Going through a storm is tiring. At times, you may not feel that, yet. There is a surge of strength you may be unaware of that is within you. When that subsides, you may see just how hard you have worked and you will need to rest. Take care of yourself. Do simple things. Rest, close your eyes. Take quiet. Assure your sleep. Guard your visual input. Be with those you love. Take care of someone else. Nurture your inner child.

Robert Brault sent out on his twitter, yesterday, this quote: “In those that change the world, there is a calm that is the storm.” I love that. The storm around you doesn’t need to be. You are the storm. Reclaim your calm. Be the best version of you you can be, then bring it to the world.

I believe in you,



One thought on “A Calm that is the Storm

  1. thank you so much !! I guess we all need someone who believes in us when we lose belief in ourselves at times

    Posted by Caroline | October 24, 2011, 4:04 pm

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