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I Believe in Moving Forward

So, I’m enjoying the blog, really. And I don’t mind talking to myself here at the beginning. I have always been one to enjoy my own company. I possibly write better in letters and have thought of having in mind friends to write to when I am here and that could help personalize the text. Anyway, I will try to be the friend and the writer and the reader, . .. for now . ..

I’m smiling as I write this. I do see stats on my account that tell me a few people are looking in. It is nice to know someone else is here. I know a few of my friends from facebook have checked this out. I love my friends and am grateful for their support of my writing and my art and my life.

About two days ago, I was preparing to write and oh, wow, I noticed I had one follower. That was exciting, I wondered who it could be. And I followed the link – I followed the link to see it was me. I had signed up the day before that to follow my own blog from my twitter account. I laughed to myself and continued to move forward.

I believe in moving forward.



One thought on “I Believe in Moving Forward

  1. we will move forward together…:)

    Posted by taz | September 29, 2011, 2:57 am

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