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Yesterday, I referenced a Halloween costume my daughter, Sarah, had been inspired to create from having seen The Real Statues, in Ashland, Oregon. When standing there in the presence of the statues, who wouldn’t want to be one, too. Then, you may start looking closer and wondering how you’re going to get bronze all over your face and how you’re going to receive any trick-or-treat candy if you can’t move and you’re stuck in the same place all night.Like anything in the life of an artist, the thought became an evolution and blended with Sarah’s creativity. We started seeking out supplies for the wardrobe. We found a dress, it wasn’t the bronze it was white. We thought we may dye it. The price had been right, the style had been right. There isn’t exactly a store for where bronze statue people go and get their clothes changed out.

So, the price was right and the style was right and we had a beginning. That beginning cost us all of $8 because we were shopping at the local Ross store, in California, where we had been living, at the time. Quirky white dress, accomplished. I think, then, we moved on to sandals – not $8 but I won’t complain. They were Blowfish Malibu. We bought more than one pair of these, because they were so fabulous. More than one pair, one to grow into. If you have kids, you know what I mean.

It took about two weeks of dreaming and occasional searching to put the costume together. But, like oftentimes in life, when you are on the right path, what you are searching for finds its way to you. I remember the accessories being a big deal. Sarah wanted a bronze looking bracelet in the shape of a snake. I was so like, good luck with that. And I had hardly said those words when we found a surprisingly beautiful snake bracelet at Claire’s in the mall.

It is an adapted necklace Sarah wore for her headpiece. About this time, she had renamed the title of her costume: Egyptian Princess. Fabulous. We were nearly complete. More trips back to Ross, a few scarves. Makeup was going to be easy. Daughter of a painter, certainly knows how to apply a few brushes of color. Costume complete.

Wardrobe is fun and I encourage you to have fun with any you are putting together. Be creative. If you buy a costume in a kit, add one or two things to it. A button or a pin. Something you already own. Repurpose something. I am all spent on creativity, at the moment. But I encourage you to take this and run with it. A costume can be made out of everyday clothing that is put together in a different way. Just something a little more dramatic than one would wear to the grocery store.

That said, when I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one could go to the grocery store or anywhere else wearing a costume and it appeared it was a perfectly normal thing to do. I won’t expand on this, but I remember that any time of year, Sarah could wear a big black Harry Potter cloak and walk with ease, bringing surprises to no one in this wonderful general public. Try it in your hometown, though Santa Fe really is the city different.

Happy month of Halloween, everyone. Dress your kids, dress yourself. Love life.



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