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A Rainstorm is Best Shared

There are just some times in life, when you feel the warm embrace. I’m going to write about that feeling and I have a painting with that title I will share. Warm embrace, words in an Adele song. Does everyone know Adele? Google her if you don’t and have a listen to some of her work posted on YouTube. The words warm embrace are from the song titled Make You Feel My Love, which I have been told was originally a Bob Dylan song. I have yet to hear that version, I am just so taken with Adele’s.

Warm embrace, may everyone have that. The painting I am posting is a closeup of part of a larger painting from the summer, this summer. I paint most often with a lot of color. This particular painting, I mailed to my brother for his 34th birthday. Warm embrace, I’m starting to ramble. Perhaps I’m avoiding the subject.

Yesterday, my youngest child and I spent more than an hour at the local park. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining.The trees provided a very soft shade. Well, for the first little while, it was Clive and me at the park. That was sweet. I did my best to the greatest companion to him, but I tell you it is not easy for me to climb the slides. Doesn’t matter if they are straight up or have curves. Sure, it’s great fun and I can sure see it can help develop muscle tone. If you’re looking for a good workout, try racing a five year old up the slides at a nearby park. Get someone to take pictures, that’s even better.

After I had shown my proficiency at the slide climbing, we moved on to hide and seek. I am much better at hide and seek, it comes to me naturally. I am usually the seeker. I get to walk around. Talk to myself. Get a little walking in. Make a few jokes, play like I can’t quite see where anyone is.. .

And then, the other kids showed up. That was fun, too. It was wonderful to see Clive running through the park, hand in hand, with a girl from school. She was very cute and she is a twin and her bother was there too. I find kids of the same age all together to be adorable. Then, there were more and more kids. Clive wants to go back again, today, which is great. I love being at the park with my kids for whatever kind of experience happens to happen.

Warm embraces can come in many forms. Time with a child, watching your child enjoy the company of another, significant friendships in life. A friend that reaches out to you in a time when you need that most. Being listened to. Supporting the life of another. A sunset. A rainstorm. The ocean. We are provided warm embraces through friendships and sometimes alone in natural settings, though I think a rainstorm is best shared. I have heard it said that nature is one of God’s loudest voices. I love nature, I love the earth. Right now, I am taken most with human nature. The complexities of people, the rewards of great friendships. Nurture the ones you have.

Blessings and much love,



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