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The Art of Real Estate Math

The art of real estate math is real to me, today. I believe part of the art of life is creating balance and that even within the life of an artist life need not be all about art. I’m embracing this. There is a balance I like in nurturing my business side, the complexities of a person that sometimes need to be drawn out.

All my life, I have felt comfortable with math. I remember enjoying high school algebra. My teacher was a quirky man that had once taught at Beverly Hills High School. My school was in Texas. So, loved … well, maybe not loved algebra – that’s a pretty strong word for math. I had excellent experiences in algebra. I even did okay in college statistics and I took two classes of those. No, not repeats. Statistics 1 & 2.

Math, math. I wasn’t fearful of real estate math when I took Principles 1 & 2 and began learning of it, there. But, the correspondence class with the book exclusively about math kind of started to overwhelm me. I completed a quiz and started to get more overwhelmed. The tests are open book, but the national and state exams will not be. How do I memorize all this stuff? I guess just one at a time.

The beginning of the book has a paragraph that reads: This textbook starts at a very basic math level. This is done deliberately to offer some relief to any persons who may experience anxiety in dealing with mathematical concepts. The early discussion of calculators in the Introduction is an effort to integrate a valuable math tool into the text along with some basic math concepts. If calculators are new to you, these paragraphs should make their use easier.

First, I do find it a little funny the talk regarding the calculators. I haven’t yet figured out who they are talking to. I mean, I’m just not sure I’ve met anyone yet in my 4 decades that doesn’t have a memory of calculators. Tell me if I’m way off on this. So, it’s good the author of this book is treading lightly into the subject. It’s the tax math, the square acre and square yard math and the loan discount point math . .. it’s just a lot of different stuff with all their formulas. I will get it in time. And, if the author steps as gingerly around the formulas as he does about the topic of calculators, I will be a pro in no time.

But balance. This is bringing balance to an artist’s life and I do so enjoy and appreciate it. It is giving me a well balanced confidence. Each of us is unique to who we are. Let’s just not stop knowing we can continue to develop parts of ourselves that compliment our evolving lives. You have a challenge out there, I’m sure you do. Real estate math is mine, today. And I promise you, if I can do real estate math, you can do anything presenting itself to you today. Our challenges most often come when we are ready.




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