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No time like the present

No time like the present to resume blogging. As I sit here, early, Houston being here. From the hotel window, I could see soccer players late last night under the lights at Memorial Park. I don’t believe in outdoor lighting aside from sporting events – and not for events like in giant dome buildings but … Continue reading

Corner of Fair and Hoo Hoo

I found myself at the corner of Fair and Hoo Hoo, last week. I had been to the north side, before, the north side in Lufkin, Texas. It has a reputation that precedes it. I knew when I moved back to Texas, more than two years ago, that houses in this town could still be … Continue reading

The Art of Real Estate Math

The art of real estate math is real to me, today. I believe part of the art of life is creating balance and that even within the life of an artist life need not be all about art. I’m embracing this. There is a balance I like in nurturing my business side, the complexities of … Continue reading

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