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My Day that Spells Love

This is an underpainting. It is just the beginning. I am at the beginning, all the time. Starting fresh each day. Relearning some of the things I have learned before. Refocusing on thoughts I like to keep at the front of my mind. What we are mindful of guides who we are becoming. What are you thinking of today?

I am thinking about love. I am here next to Clive, my youngest child. Clive is writing letters, spelling out words. Colors. He is writing on some of the mail I received. I see his name on the envelope, too. And, next to that, MoM. Love, this is surely a simple part of my day that spells love. This moment, where he is quiet by my side and writing his cute little kindergarten letters, will be a favourite memory of this Saturday.

Clive has gone downstairs for a few minutes and I promised him I would still be here when he returns. What did he say he was going to get? A newspaper. He is coming back with a newspaper. I look forward to that. I am looking at the underpainting, again. The paintings I create are made of layers and layers and layers. I add and then I take away. There are times, it feels like sculpting with my palette knife.

This morning, I take away. I simplify my thoughts. My thoughts are this: give. It is much of what we are here for. We are here to be involved in the lives of others. And this is a beautiful way. What you are seeking, find a way to give it. Notice those around you in a new light. Focus on the nature of a living being, focus on lives. See life in all its complexity. Then, simplify it. We are all here for love. Acceptance is part of this. Kindness is, too. Follow me, today. Live a life of simple thinking.

With love,



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