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Go Where You Want to Go

One time, I was at a black sand beach in California. It was waaay in the northern part. It was north of Eureka, north of Trinidad, south of Crescent City. Crescent City was foggy and cold, that day. The perfect day to be at the beach. Anytime works for me, I’m a beach girl. And I love the solitude that can be found on a cold and cloudy day.

Solitude we found. Aside from the tour bus, we most certainly found it. It was a step back in time, that day. The clouds were rolling in. The sea was full of life. The sand, black as can be. Solitude for me can sometimes be about time all by myself and, more often, it is time I find alone and in adventure with my kids. We ran, that day, ran across the beaches. We had been to several in a few days time. We sat in Trinidad at the most wonderful cafe that was hidden from sight. A fisherman’s cove with a gourmet menu. You can find the most interesting places, if you ask a few questions. Now, I will tell you about myself that my reputation is of the usual guy that will refuse to ask for driving directions, while disoriented, nearly at any cost. But .. . ask questions about local restaurants and how to get there, that is entirely different. I will pull out a pen and paper and write it all down so to be sure to find the place.

We found the place.

You would have to call around and describe it to get the name. It was behind a parking lot and there were just a lot of boats in the cove. There was a beach off to the side where we were optimistically looking for sea glass. We were looking with the optimism of Malibu sea glass collecting and you just can’t keep a happy person down. I think we found five pieces. One of the keys to being happy in life is being satisfied with whatever you find. We found five pieces of sea glass and a surprise restaurant. Life is not about finding the same things everywhere you go, it is about embracing the changes and letting go of expectations.

Five pieces of sea glass, half an hour of time on the beach in the rain. I will go there in the rain, I will go there in the sun. I will go there in March, I will go there in August. I will go there on Christmas. I wish I could go there today, but that is a whole different blog. A day on the beach, very soothing to me. The sounds of the waters, those waves bringing ions into the air. Life affirming. Breathing. Pulsing. I am home there.

So the restaurant, if you want enough information to get there, it is in Trinidad. Small town. Restaurant is behind a parking lot and somewhat to quite hidden. It is spectacular, if you share my style of spectacular. It is simple, rather rustic, even, and wonderfully loveable. I found it extra appealing on a cold and foggy day. The small cafe was filled with people. We requested a window seat in front which seated three people, though we had 4 in our group. They were surprised by the request, but complied. Go where you want to go, even if no one else fully understands.

If you find yourself there, for breakfast, consider the huckleberry pancakes. The pancakes had a freshness and quality that were unparalleled to any I have had. The potatoes they served with it were so good we ordered more. Fabulous, fabulous place. Atmosphere + weather + people + being with those you love + good food all served in a booth that is technically too small, I highly recommend this.

Remember once, today, an adventure you have had. It is good for your soul.

With love,



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