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That is What You are Here For

My apologies for the delays in the blog. Sometimes life just happens, it’s beautiful that way. I’ve been thinking of the blog, though, about how happy I am to have started one and the gratitude I feel toward the people who are listening to me. I like to be listened to – it’s a basic human necessity.

The ability to listen and be listened to is a crucial element of the lives we are all living. Who is listening to you? I hope the people significant in your life are. Who are you listening to? I would hope the same toward the significant people in your life. We also should listen to the hungry in Africa, the abused and neglected. May we not turn our attention away, in this world, from those who need us most and those who are trying to use their voices.

As an artist and as a human being, I hope you are listening to the inner voice we each have. That voice is God created, necessary to reveal the life you are to be blessed with. The art that is to be created, not just within a painting or sculpture but in and within all of your life, itself. Create. That is what you are here for.

Happy to be back,



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