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Nurture your Inner Light

Where am I spending my time, that’s what I’m asking myself. In the last few months, I have been too busy. From one thing to the next I have been going and I want to change that. I have found that in a busy life, there is not room even for myself in my own life. I want change.

I have been trying to do it all. I’m back, now, from Red River Revel Arts Festival in Shreveport, Louisiana. It was a thrill and a pleasure and I made many new friends. I prepared for two months and am happy I did because when I received the call that my time on the waiting list had evolved to becoming an actual vendor at the event, I felt mostly ready. And, still, there were significant things to do to finish preparing.

I want to work smarter, I also work in real estate and am a mother of three. I cannot be more than one person despite trying. If each of us is just one person, how do we manage our days? I am looking at my days, writing down what I do with my time. Deciding what can go, thinking about what some call the big rocks in life ~ the most important parts of our lives.

I cannot do it all and am letting go of wanting to. I believe in the natural order. I believe we should be able to live life and still nurture the inner light that each of us carries. When I get busy, the inner light changes shape .. sometimes it is windblown from hurry. I can accept changes, but what I want to see is each of us nurturing the inner light we have. There is likely no greater gift you can give to those you love, and perhaps to the entire world, than to nurture your inner light.

Breathe deeply, it helps get oxygen to your brain. Calm down .. your essence is better when you are not so stressed. Take time to eat and choose healthy food. Taste your food, be conscious of eating. It helps with weight and positive choices in this area, I believe, increase the glow of your aura. Take time for the top five people in your life, nurture those relationships. Life is full of distractions. Do not let the distractions of life keep you from those people.

What do you do with your life? There is a limited supply I have of emotional and creative energy. For everything that is done, something is undone. There is only so much of me to go around. We have many opportunities, many of them wonderful. Here is where our choices come in and our decisions for how we are going to live our lives come into play. And, yes, it is play! I would not go so far as to say life is a game, but it can be play. Smile, think about what you are doing in your life and if where you are spending your time is in alignment with what you truly want. Live in consciousness.

Part of me wants to fit everything in that is worthwhile and comes my way. It is a trap. I encourage you not to buy into that trap. I encourage you to choose. There is not time for everything, though there may be room in your heart for everything. What are you going to do with the time you have here on this earth?

Those are the questions I am asking myself and the advice I give to you is what I will follow.

Nurture your light,



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