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Beach House Flowers

Beach House Flowers, that’s the mood I’m in. Minimalism. Simplicity. I was out at some tennis courts, last night, underneath the lights. I didn’t even have a racquet with me, just stepped out of the car to go walk around. The expanse and the simplicity gave way to feelings of serenity. I love open spaces, whether a desert view, an ocean experience or a tennis court. This is part of why I love art museums.

Tennis courts and beach houses may not seem to have that much in common, but the simplicity can be parallel. A beach house, to me, is decorated with minimal furnishings, something like a guest house where the eyes have many spaces to pause and the decor does not distract from an open window with a fresh view.

Since I live more than two hours from the closest saltwater view of Galveston and I also live quite a distance from a large scale museum, the minimalism and space at the tennis courts were extra intriguing for me, last night. I walked around the courts several times and found myself just wanting to live there. To set up my bed right in one of the sections. I found myself motivated to reduce the accumulated clutter in my living environment and push forward toward an emptier space.

My advice: live only with what you love.


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