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Thanks for Being Along for the Experience

on Galveston Island

I’m tired and it’s the end of the year. I’m feeling contemplative and reflective. I’m feeling quiet, hardly chatty at all. But I have been meaning to write and tell you that my art is now represented by the lovely gallery, Affaire d’art, on Galveston Island. The owners, Kent and Sharis DeJaynes, have welcomed me to their international gallery and their kindness, personability and enthusiasm are a pleasant experience.

How did I come to this place, it felt providential. I’ve been trying to do the next right thing, all year, .. the year began with a solo art show on the walls of Lilah’s Bakery and Deli in Shreveport, Louisiana. The first sale of my art was in March by a private collector and friend who found my art at Standpipe Coffee House in Lufkin, Texas. In the late summer I received notice that, after some time on the waiting list for Red River Revel, I would be included in the October event. It was a wonderful experience. The year has been wonderful for my art and I am thankful for those in my life who have supported it.

Red River Revel was wild and fun and there were long days of standing and talking with people. It was invigorating and exhausting and I can’t wait to go back again, next year. After time to recover from the experience of Revel, I began looking for a way to sell additional prints of my art. I have real estate clients who sell at a flea market somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico. Winnie, Texas, that’s where it is. I went to Winnie and within an hour I left Winnie and I left Winnie before becoming too terribly discouraged. I surround myself with a lot of artists and people who care about art and the visitors attending Winnie appeared to be quite blind to art, which I am unaccustomed to.

I left without crying and I left with intention. I was to go a little farther to reach the beaches of Crystal Beach, Texas where I would stop and catch my breath, recentering and feeling my way to what more would happen in this day. My daughter, Kira, and I walked on the beach and took pictures. We stayed for quite some time, knowing that whatever we needed time for in that day would be. And then we travelled by car ferry to the island of Galveston.

On the island of Galveston, there is a place where I see a certain sea captain sitting with a bottle of beer every time I am in town. This day was the same as every other day besides one. There was one time I did not see my friend the sea captain. I greeted the sea captain and asked where on the island the art galleries are located and he pointed in the direction of two streets over and, on this day, I did not stay long to visit but went right to my work.

I knew the gallery I wanted as soon as I saw it. Part two, of this story continues on another night. I’m so very tired, I was a little sick earlier in the month. I’ve recovered from that and have just the tiniest of a lingering cough. I’m beginning to put more focus again on real estate. In 2013, I hope to build on the experiences and efforts of 2012. I am learning. I am finding my way.

Thanks for being along for the experience,



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