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A breath of life

I have been travelling further into the season that I thought I would. I thought my travel would go through October and into the middle of November but I find myself still travelling. In the last two weekends, I have been to Galveston, Shreveport, Houston, then back to Shreveport again. I am grateful for the … Continue reading

c.s.ellington @ EXXOPOLIS

Life doesn’t always afford us the luxury of closure. I’ve had an odd life, I think we all have. Life IS odd. Each life is individual in its own way. I was born to two teenagers. I lived two weeks in Shreveport, Louisiana and then travelled the USA with my adoptive family. My life stayed … Continue reading

The Earth Beneath Our Feet

The art of life. The thing about life is that life happens. Sometimes, it gets busy. My goal is to keep it not so. I have no interest in proceeding through the rest of my life in a hurried fashion. I have tried that and found it does not work for me in the leastest. … Continue reading

That Place is Called Home

Minimalism. Evasive. I’m trying it. Sometimes it seems to work. I definitely feel more peaceful in my own spaces when I have paperwork, clutter and projects left out at a minimum. This is easier thought of than accomplished. And this is life, a continuous evolution of the in basket. But, last week, I walked circles … Continue reading

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