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Corner of Fair and Hoo Hoo

I found myself at the corner of Fair and Hoo Hoo, last week. I had been to the north side, before, the north side in Lufkin, Texas. It has a reputation that precedes it. I knew when I moved back to Texas, more than two years ago, that houses in this town could still be … Continue reading

Explore with You

I dated someone named Garrett who grasped the concept, early in life, there will always be someone better looking. That was surprisingly mature to me, early in life. And it is so true. We have an inner wisdom that is accessible to us. We have a light within us, if we choose to follow. What … Continue reading

Consider Not Wearing a Watch

It is morning and not yet light. The world around me is quiet. My hair is wet from the shower, my daughter Sarah is downstairs on the treadmill … running. Waking in the morning, I have found to be quite a pleasure this year. The quiet before the sun rolls over the horizon is a … Continue reading

Exactly Where I Want to Be

In the last month I have started a blog on Blogger knowing that, in time, I would be exporting to WordPress. I am so happy I did. This is all so much better. You will see, at times, I am not the most technical person. I have learned much by claiming Google as my friend, … Continue reading

I’m Taking a Sick Day

I am sick today and I’m taking a sick day. What better way to do that than sit at the computer and work on the ole blog or, in this case, the new blog. I’m reading tips on how to make a blog better. I found a link through a comic strip site. I’ll look … Continue reading

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