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Consider Not Wearing a Watch

It is morning and not yet light. The world around me is quiet. My hair is wet from the shower, my daughter Sarah is downstairs on the treadmill … running. Waking in the morning, I have found to be quite a pleasure this year. The quiet before the sun rolls over the horizon is a … Continue reading

A Nice Surprise

I can promise you quirky. I can’t promise you standard. I can promise that some days my blog will speak in code, not on purpose, it is just what comes┬ánaturally to me. I write in letters the way a songwriter composes his art. You will find meaning on the surface and meaning underneath, if you … Continue reading

The Adventure is Yours

Sometimes life moves fast. Slow down. Slow down, if you can. Doesn’t seem to always be a choice, but maybe it is. Maybe it is in our control what we say yes to. What are your top ten things to accomplish today? Are they work or relationship related? Sometimes the best thing is to just … Continue reading

The Light Surely Shines

A year ago, I was in Ashland, Oregon. Highly recommending visiting this town, if you are over that way. It is a beautiful sunlit town nestled in kind of a valley. The hills to one side look like velvet in the afternoon light. The town is extraordinary. It is home of an ongoing Shakespeare Festival. … Continue reading

I Believe in Moving Forward

So, I’m enjoying the blog, really. And I don’t mind talking to myself here at the beginning. I have always been one to enjoy my own company. I possibly write better in letters and have thought of having in mind friends to write to when I am here and that could help personalize the text. … Continue reading

Hope is a Good Thing to Have

Hope. Hope is a good thing to have. And hope is a good thing never to let go of. This is a picture from my album Garden Flowers that, years ago, I titled Hope because that was the first sentiment I had when seeing it. Something about it, the softness, the shadows, the light and … Continue reading

It’s a Little Like Time Travel

I am here and it is like I am writing to myself, at this time. I’m at the beginning of blogging. And just like anything else new, I am finding my way just one step at a time. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are challenges, for sure. It’s fun to move … Continue reading

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