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It’s a Little Like Time Travel

I am here and it is like I am writing to myself, at this time. I’m at the beginning of blogging. And just like anything else new, I am finding my way just one step at a time. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are challenges, for sure. It’s fun to move forward and learn, though. I have a magazine about blogging that has helped. The magazine is called Artful Blogging. Also, Google has helped. It opens a world of people to me I would not have had access to in years past.

There are so many things I want to write about. I am a photographer and painter. Love to write, always have. Finding the quiet to write is a challenge. But, I’m walking through that because my life doesn’t slow down for me to write a blog. The blog happens because of my life and so everything in me tells me to embrace this.

I am a mother of three wonderful kids who have brought great depth and happiness to my life. In the last twenty years, I have been a very private person and that is changing at midlife. I want to bring personal parts of my life here along with musings and inspirations of art, photography, music and life.

To the people in the future who find this, thank you for being here. It’s a little like time travel – I’m here in this time and you find me later. May the time in between be peaceful for us all.



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