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Live Life, Love Life

Anyone looking for some interesting reading could search my backlogs for The Art of Real Estate Math. I have been told that only I could make real estate math interesting. I’ll take that. I love a compliment with a good sense of humor. Real estate math aside and embracing real estate, in general, I will … Continue reading

And So is Life

Abstraction. I am intrigued by it. Sometimes I┬álike pictures in my home that are representational, sometimes impressionistic, sometimes Photoshopped, sometimes abstract. I have found that, in my bedroom, I have grown to love abstraction. Often I keep blank walls in my bedroom since in the past the pictures of my walls have turned up too … Continue reading

A Calm that is the Storm

Help for the hopeless, how often have I thought of that. We have all felt hopeless, at times. It is part of our humanity. I am here to tell you that hopelessness does not last. It is temporary. Hope will come for you. I like the thought that faith is not blind. There is trust … Continue reading

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