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Find the blessings in the people around you because they’re the ones that support your life / Time management vs. energy management / I’ve told my kids that every time I give them something that I didn’t have, I take away from them something that I did have. ~ Dr. Oz I like what I … Continue reading

Bring Light to the World

All we can do is allow this Spring inside us to well up and flow through us. Go to this holy place within you. It is the only place big enough to allow you to encounter, hold, and bear the darkness that is a part of every life…. This is how I have chosen to … Continue reading

A Calm that is the Storm

Help for the hopeless, how often have I thought of that. We have all felt hopeless, at times. It is part of our humanity. I am here to tell you that hopelessness does not last. It is temporary. Hope will come for you. I like the thought that faith is not blind. There is trust … Continue reading

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