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Consider Not Wearing a Watch

It is morning and not yet light. The world around me is quiet. My hair is wet from the shower, my daughter Sarah is downstairs on the treadmill … running. Waking in the morning, I have found to be quite a pleasure this year. The quiet before the sun rolls over the horizon is a … Continue reading

Some Pass Very Quickly

Thank you. Thank you for being here. You make a difference in my life. By being here, by listening . .. commenting, liking, seeing. It is morning and I am awake early. The fall back from daylight savings has it pleasantly light in the mornings and it has been many years since I have enjoyed … Continue reading

Evolution of Life

Early to bed and early to rise, that’s what my grandfather taught me. One of them. I have two grandfathers that taught me much about life. One was a brewmaster, one was a carpenter. It’s the brewmaster that taught me early to bed and early to rise. His name is Emile and, when he visited … Continue reading


Find the blessings in the people around you because they’re the ones that support your life / Time management vs. energy management / I’ve told my kids that every time I give them something that I didn’t have, I take away from them something that I did have. ~ Dr. Oz I like what I … Continue reading

It’s Like Magic

It was five years ago, nearly to the date, that I found myself climbing a hill outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, following my Golden Retriever, Mila. Enjoying the golden grasses and beautiful rock formations, not to mention the infamous big sky, the area has to offer. We had just been for pizza in the downtown … Continue reading

Save the Bees

I have a bee in my room, I am excited to tell you. It is buzzing around. I thought it was a fly, at first. How this bee got in my room I do not know but it is the third one I have seen this week. They are not native to the indoors of my house and appear … Continue reading

A Calm that is the Storm

Help for the hopeless, how often have I thought of that. We have all felt hopeless, at times. It is part of our humanity. I am here to tell you that hopelessness does not last. It is temporary. Hope will come for you. I like the thought that faith is not blind. There is trust … Continue reading

The Light Surely Shines

A year ago, I was in Ashland, Oregon. Highly recommending visiting this town, if you are over that way. It is a beautiful sunlit town nestled in kind of a valley. The hills to one side look like velvet in the afternoon light. The town is extraordinary. It is home of an ongoing Shakespeare Festival. … Continue reading

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