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A Year of Healing and Change

It was a fun and busy summer. I had my kids home with me and that is a truly special memory. I am working in several different ways. As an artist, writer, photographer and painter. As a Realtor with Century 21. I am learning much as I create a career at midlife. It is a year … Continue reading

“Underwater Dive”

I haven’t been writing my blog, lately. Occasionally, I visit in my mind. I’ve been writing my column, though, and keeping up well with that, every other week. Every other week, I interview an artist in my local community and write about my perspective regarding that experience. I have attended a Reading Railroad, visited with … Continue reading

FiNd WhAt YoU lOvE

There is nothing better, not right now, not for me, than positive thinking. I am fascinated with it. Different than arranging my thoughts to recreate a better present. Just focusing differently on what life has to offer. Not rehashing the same old stuff. Bringing to mind the pleasant, the powerful, the lovely. That’s what I am … Continue reading

Create It from the Inside Out

I am painting, again, after taking two months away. The two months went by rather fast and, sometime into it, I began to consider that maybe my painting days were behind me. There are times when we take a break from things in life. It can be good for us and, I believe, most of … Continue reading

Beauty is in Imperfection

What does it mean to be human? Imperfection, entirely perfect. I like not having to live with perfection. I’m not into it, for myself or for those around me. I do not want a perfect home, I do not wish for my kids to be perfect. I wish for imperfect art. In the brushstrokes of my … Continue reading

You are Essential

http:///it/swf/f.swf Time is of the essence. Essence is essential. I want to know, specifically, what essence means. I’m going to look it up – be right back. .. . Well, it means a variety of things. Merriam-Webster first defines it as: the permanent as contrasted with the accidental element of being. In regard to you, … Continue reading

Life is Good

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. ~ Anais Nin I met someone, today, I haven’t met in a long time. And he reminded me that I once used to write my blog nearly every day. I remember that. Time has been unusual for me, this year. I’ve … Continue reading

Sometimes, There is Nothing to Say

Sometimes, there’s something to be said about not saying anything. I was headed to bed when this thought came to my mind. The best time for me to write is when it comes to me, naturally, and honestly I would rather not try unless it is a natural time. I don’t like faking it. I … Continue reading

Flowers for Neptune

I have a bakery countdown, that’s what I’m calling it. Lilah’s Bakery, in Shreveport, Louisiana – USA, has graciously accepted my paintings for their upcoming art show in January. Stop by if you’re in the area. It’s actually through Noel Community Arts and I am exceedingly happy to be joining other artists in showing work in … Continue reading


Underpainting, this is what the physical beginning of my paintings look like. This is what they look like as my painting style has developed. It has become a physical process I have described, before, as somewhere between drawing and sculpting. I add many layers and take them away, sometimes carve them away. The process from … Continue reading