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Build Your Life

I would always rather you tell me what you want, rather than what you don’t want. I believe in thinking forward with positive, for what we want and what we see are powerful indicators of where we are going. There is the common story of a man who did not like the idea of growing up … Continue reading

Create It from the Inside Out

I am painting, again, after taking two months away. The two months went by rather fast and, sometime into it, I began to consider that maybe my painting days were behind me. There are times when we take a break from things in life. It can be good for us and, I believe, most of … Continue reading


Underpainting, this is what the physical beginning of my paintings look like. This is what they look like as my painting style has developed. It has become a physical process I have described, before, as somewhere between drawing and sculpting. I add many layers and take them away, sometimes carve them away. The process from … Continue reading

Find a Way Back to You

As artists and people, we have a certain amount of creative energy. Where that energy goes is up to us and the life we have created. Part of why I did not know I was a painter until later in life is that I was always placing my creative energy in other areas. I hadn’t yet … Continue reading

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